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Welcome to our publishing team, where we share a common commitment to authentic narratives and diverse voices. Each member plays a role in curating personal stories related to international conflict. Join us as we navigate human experiences through the written word, creating a bridge between worlds.

  • Oliver Vass

    Oliver Vass


    tel. (+47) 46593564


    Oliver, a UK-born Economics graduate from Exeter with a master’s in International Relations from Royal Holloway, chose Lillehammer as his home after living in various countries in both Africa and South America. Co-founding Sic Publishing in Norway, he blends expertise in marketing, economics, and politics, driven by a profound interest in global affairs and a passion for diverse literary voices.

  • Lotta Köhler

    Lotta Köhler


    tel. (+47) 41328006


    Lotta Köhler, a Finnish graphic designer educated in textile and graphic design, has a noted interest in critical topics, as seen in her thesis on Norway’s nature paradox. With experience as an art director and collaborations with prominent media outlets, she specializes in printed media and book projects.



(+47) 46593564

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