Our Mission

Sic Publishing was founded in 2023 by the duo Oliver Vass and Lotta Köhler to collect personal stories and first-hand accounts of international conflict. Through the diverse narratives we aim to explore a range of issues, and to open up conversations on human rights, women’s rights, and environmental issues.


Our publishing house is dedicated to amplifying voices that often go unheard, shedding light on marginalized communities, and fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding global challenges. Guided by a profound belief in the power of storytelling, we seek to publish works that not only inform and inspire but also contribute to positive social change. With an unwavering focus on human rights and ethical principles, Sic Publishing aims to cultivate a space where narratives become catalysts for empathy, compassion, and collective action, shaping a more just and inclusive world.

Our Team

  • Lotta Köhler
    Co-founder / Designer

    Lotta Köhler, a Finnish graphic designer educated in textile and graphic design, has a noted interest in critical topics, as seen in her thesis on Norway’s nature paradox. With experience as an art director and collaborations with prominent media outlets, she specializes in printed media and book projects.

    (+47) 41328006
  • Oliver Vass
    Co-founder / Editor

    Oliver, a UK-born Economics graduate from Exeter with a master’s in International Relations from Royal Holloway, chose Lillehammer as his home after living in various countries in both Africa and South America. Co-founding Sic Publishing in Norway, he blends expertise in marketing, economics, and politics, driven by a profound interest in global affairs and a passion for diverse literary voices.

    (+47) 46593564

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Using the word “mate” in #Persian #poetry. English #slang in translations and the various meanings of these words based on context.

Traditional #folktales and fairy tales, in English, often end with “…they all lived happily ever after”.

Other traditions exist around the world. #persian #BookTwitter

Happy World Poetry Day! Celebrate with great, new, poetry. We are going global with @Mousavi1355 from Iran and Erland Wichne from #Norge


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