Osloove Collaboration

OSLOOVE represents an oral history endeavour with the objective of accumulating 400 interviews featuring residents of Oslo by the city’s forthcoming 400th anniversary in 2024. Through structured courses in oral history interviewing, ethical considerations, and consent protocols, the project endeavours to democratise historical discourse by incorporating a diverse array of perspectives. In close collaboration with the Oslo City Archives, these interviews are earmarked for perpetual preservation, thereby becoming intrinsic components of Oslo’s formal historical record. Strict adherence to consent agreements governs the accessibility and dissemination of interviews, with varying degrees of disclosure determined by individual preferences. Upholding the tenets of journalistic integrity, interviews are securely archived on Dropbox and disseminated via platforms such as Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram (Meta).

Motivated by an abiding affection for Oslo and its denizens, OSLOOVE espouses the celebration of the city’s multiculturalism, aspiring to accentuate and honour its manifold narratives. Participants are afforded the agency to select both interview subjects and thematic content, thereby fostering a kaleidoscope of accounts spanning personal reminiscences to broader societal reflections. OSLOOVE cultivates interpersonal connections among unfamiliar acquaintances and enhances existing relationships, with curated extracts from dialogues disseminated online intended to ignite broader societal discourse concerning collective identity and aspirations. As a subsidiary initiative of Memoar, OSLOOVE is consonant with the organisation’s overarching ethos of elevating individual testimonies as integral facets of cultural and national historiography.

Sic Publishing is contributing to the OSLOOVE project by conducting and providing 20 interviews with writers, poets, artists and activists from Oslo. We will transcribe select interviews and publish them in pamphlet form, offering readers an intimate glimpse into the lives and stories of Oslo’s residents. This collaborative effort underscores the collective dedication to amplifying diverse voices and preserving the rich cultural heritage of the city for generations to come.

Find out all about the project at osloove.no