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Anthology – Stories from Exiled Writers

Sic Publishing is issuing a new anthology featuring literary works by writers who have sought exile in Scandinavia, set to be launched in September 2024. We believe in the power of personal narratives to shed light on the human experience of exile, offering a unique cultural perspective.

Submission Details

We are inviting original and unpublished pieces that describe the experience of exile. Specifically, we are looking for literary works that explore how words, institutions, traditions, and concepts take on different meanings in your new home compared to your place of origin.

Cultural context can influence the meanings of words as diverse as ‘friend,’ ‘tea,’ and even the significance of various colours. Similarly, our varied experiences shape the perception of institutions like the police, schools, and the government. This can make discussions about these topics in our new home challenging, as people may talk past each other. Perhaps most significantly, concepts that we have internalised throughout our lives, such as ‘nationalism,’ ‘community,’ and ‘respect,’ may clash with the perspectives in our place of exile. 

We are looking for your free expression based on this theme, following these guidelines:

  • Genre: Free – submit poetry, short stories, essays, or even a draft for a novel. Your text can be fictional, inspired by true events, or factual.
  • Word Count: Maximum 3000 words. Poetry and lyrics can be maximum 32 lines.
  • Language: The main language is English, whether translated or originally written in English. We are open to bilingual submissions, and interested in publishing the original text alongside the translation if the submission exists in two languages.
  • Format: We are open to visual material as well. Whether it is a hand-written note, a sketch, or a photograph, if you want it attached beside your text, please feel free to submit it as well.
  • Deadline for submissions: 15th March, 2024 1st April 2024.​
  • Compensation: Each published piece will be compensated with 5000 NOK.

Selection Process

Submissions will be reviewed by 1st May, 2024. Selected contributors will be contacted by our editor, Oliver Vass, to discuss the editing process. Together we will also compose a short biography of each contributor to provide context to the stories. The anthology will be co-curated and designed by Lotta Köhler.

How to Submit

Send your submissions and inquiries to We are also open to discussing other publishing opportunities, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for considering being a part of this anthology. We look forward to receiving your unique perspectives and compelling stories.


Oliver Vass and Lotta Köhler

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