ICORN – protecting creative freedom

ICORN, the International Cities of Refuge Network, stands as a beacon of hope for writers and artists worldwide, offering a haven for those whose creativity places them at risk. This independent organisation, comprised of cities and regions, not only shelters these individuals but actively champions the principles of freedom of expression and democracy on a global scale.

Since its establishment in 2006, ICORN has garnered admiration for its remarkable growth, with over 70 cities worldwide joining its mission. These cities, embodying both tangible commitment and symbolic significance, have provided refuge to more than 200 writers, artists, and journalists. The success of ICORN lies not only in the protection it affords but also in the cultural richness it promotes, allowing diverse voices to resonate freely and reach audiences that were once beyond their grasp.

ICORN’s roots in the Cities of Asylum Network (INCA) showcase its enduring dedication to protecting creative freedom. Despite challenges, ICORN emerged as an independent force in 2010, expanding its scope to include artists and musicians. The organization’s proactive approach in building partnerships with entities like PEN International, Reporters Without Borders, and others underscores its commitment to both cultural enrichment and human rights advocacy.

In a world where artistic expression is increasingly under threat, ICORN’s tireless efforts to create a global network of solidarity and creativity deserve applause. By bridging gaps and fostering understanding, ICORN not only shelters at-risk individuals but also contributes to the vitality of a free and diverse global creative community.

As ICORN continues to be a stalwart defender of creative freedom, Sic Publishing wholeheartedly supports its noble goals. The actions of ICORN, in providing refuge to writers and artists at risk, contribute immeasurably to the cultivation of a global network of cultural excellence. Recognizing the vital role played by organizations like ICORN in preserving the integrity of artistic expression, Sic Publishing aligns itself with their mission. In fostering an environment where voices are free to resonate and ideas can flourish unencumbered, ICORN paves the way for a brighter, more culturally enriched future—a sentiment that Sic Publishing proudly endorses and actively champions.

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