Den kulturelle skulesekken Benefit to Norway

Den kulturelle skulesekken (DKS) roughly translates to The Cultural Schoolbag and is a unique nationwide program in Norway aimed at providing all school pupils with exposure to professional arts and culture, making it the only program of its kind globally. Through this initiative, students have the opportunity to engage with and gain an understanding of various artistic expressions, spanning film, literature, music, cultural heritage, and performing and visual arts, ensuring activities of high quality across the entire artistic spectrum. Since its incorporation into the government’s culture policy for primary and lower secondary school pupils in 2001, the program has expanded to include upper secondary school pupils, ensuring that all students in Norway have access to professional art and culture through DKS.

Sic Publishing believes strongly in the programme and knows that having good cultural institutions and influences from overseas cultural personalities, particularly those with experience in human rights abuse and the struggle for women’s equality, is crucial for young people and Norway as a whole. Members of the Sic Publishing family have been engaged in the programme and have seen how exposure to diverse cultural perspectives fosters a more comprehensive understanding of global issues, human rights challenges, and gender equality struggles. We think that it goes without saying that by incorporating these influences into cultural institutions and educational programs like DKS, young individuals are better equipped to navigate the complexities of the world and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society.

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